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About Us


Nursery and Afterschool Club

Hummingbirds Nursery is based in St. Georges Community Hub in Newtown and was established in 2016.

The nursery has three rooms: The Tweenie room which caters to 1-2 year olds, the  Toddler room which caters for children 2-3 years and the Pre-school which caters for children 3-5 years. We also run an Afterschool club that caters to children from 5 to 14 years.

All 3-4 year olds are able to access 15 hours of free nursery provision.  Eligible  2 year olds are also able to access free nursery provision.​

We also  offer 30 hour free childcare places to children who meet the criteria for working parents. 

Our Approach

Our vision is to provide the best childcare environment for children that is a reflection of their home and the community they live in. At Hummingbirds we celebrate and value the different cultures in our community and we welcome all to our setting.

We aim for Hummingbirds to be a caring, nurturing and homely environment in which children and families feel welcome, safe, valued, listened to, included and respected. We believe that we are the anchor for children to grow, learn and deepen their knowledge that will not only prepare them for school, but prepare them for their journey into the wider world.


We aim to provide the best possible start in life for children. By recognizing that each child is unique and have come into nursery with their own set of experiences, we use parents as our partners to identify each child’s starting point and aim to use this alongside their growing interests to provide rich learning experiences that will form a strong foundation for their future learning and success. At Hummingbirds Nursery, we aim to provide children with rich learning opportunities to expand on their existing curiosity, enthusiasm and awe and wonder of the world.


As a result, we intend for children to build their confidence and develop a positive image of themselves as resilient, capable and independent individuals.  We want children to be able to communicate, develop social skills, be confident in new environments, overcome challenges, be good citizens and be ready for their next stage of learning.

What makes us 'us'? Our staff team collectively considered values that define our setting and why they are so important to us

Parents as Partners

We recognise parents as key partners in their child's learning and we aim to include them in every step of their child's journey. We want our parents to feel happy, included, respected and be able to share their thoughts and contribute towards their children's learning. Generations continue to return, parents engage in story sessions in their home languages.

Communication and Language
We celebrate and promote children's home languages. We recognise that most of our children have English as an additional language as our children come from all around the world. Our staff celebrate the different languages by learning key words and phrases. We understand that children require language to express their wants and needs, we strive to be a communication friendly setting to ensure all children can be heard.

The majority of children attending our nursery live in high-rise flats with limited access to outdoor spaces, we aim to provide children with daily outdoor experiences. Our Outdoor facilities provide children with opportunities to explore and experiment as well as take supervised risks and meet new challenges. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothes. We allow our children to take safe risks because we know this is how children learn. 

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